Controller size: 9cm x 3cm x 5cm. max current 15A, it is suitable for 180w to 350w brushless dc hall sensors bike motors and also hall sensorless motors. The controller has learning wires, which can make it to march your motor and work well.

It has 24v version, and 36v-48v universal version. So if you choose 36v or 48v version, you will get the same size controller. It has a 3 speed function.

Explanation of the motor learning wires usage:

I do not know what others call this function, here I call it motor learning wires. This two green wires are used for help the controller to much motors. Different motor supplier has different setting for the motor, e.g. phase angle 60 degree or 120 degree, with hall sensors or without hall sensors, different phase or hall sensor order and so on. For a intelligent controller, it has to be able to detect the motor type and much the motor to keep safe driving.

  1. connect the motor to controller and put the motor in a suitable place and let the motor keep a distance from ground.
  2. connect the two green wires(motor learning wires) together
  3. connect the battery to controller
  4. connect the power switch, one it is connect the controller will work for motor learning, and try to move the motor. You will see the motor run in a slow speed and smoothly.
  5. do not power off the battery or the switch, disconnect the motor learning wires, at this step, the motor and controller matching work finished. and no need the learning cable connected when you use the controller in future for the same motor.
  6. if your motor is reversible, you may find the first time motor running direction is not what you want. You need disconnect the learning wires and then re-connect them, you will find the motor running direction changed. and do as the step 5.

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